Royalton Town Forest (Sarnoff Land)

Royalton Town Forest 2Located off of VT Rte. 107 Lili-Charlotte Sarnoff donated the parcel to the Town of Royalton in 1997.  The Royalton Town Forest is approximately 55 acres featuring the remnants of an old sugarbush, open land, and abandoned agricultural land that has been reclaimed by a young forest. The land features an old railroad switchback that was used to serve the granite quarry on Christian Hill. There are trails on the property that access the switch back, parking is available on the property though at this point it is not well defined.  Travis Benson completed his Eagle Scout project in 2008.  His project constructed raised walking platforms on portions of the trails that were notoriously wet.


Royalton Town Forest 1Located on the north side of Vermont State Route 107, east of the Central Vermont Public    Service Buildingthere is a small parking area adjacent to the newly erected information kiosk    constructed by the Royalton Conservation Commission.  Please respect this great Town asset by carrying out what you carry in!  Please, absolutely no motorized vehicles past the parking area!!!

Thank you to the Conservation Commission, Travis Benson and all those who have volunteered to create a great public resource.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Royalton Selectboard at 763-7967 or