2020 Holiday Schedule for the Bethel/ Royalton Solid Waste Facility. Please call 802-763-2232 if you have any questions or concerns.

2020 Holidays

Town of Royalton Civil Ordinance “Variable Rate Pricing by Volume or Weight for Municipal Solid Waste Collection” Please review this ordinance that was adopted by the Royalton Selectboard on 03/24/15

Solid Waste Ordinance 2015 PDF

Central Vermont Solid Waste District A-Z guide Click on link below


Royalton Transfer Station (Rate Change as of January 1, 2019) Alliance Solid Waste Management Facility Rates 2019

Located at 122 Waterman Road, the Transfer Station is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays from 7:00 a.m.to 3:00 p.m., and on Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Sunday – Monday – Wednesday CLOSED

Office Telephone: (802) 763-2232

Towns in the Alliance include: Royalton, Bethel, Rochester, Hancock, Granville, Pittsfield, Stockbridge and Barnard

Single Stream Recycling

Alliance Solid Waste Management Program Rates

Bulk Waste $145.00/ton ($20 minimum)

Starting 03/01/2019 Bulk Waste $160.00 per ton $20 minimum

Bag Trash

15 Gallon $3.00

30 Gallon $5.00

45 Gallon $8.00

Untreated Wood Waste  $5.00/Cubic Yard

Appliances, Air Conditioners (with freon) $20.00 each

Scrap metal  $5.00/Cubic Yard

Batteries  $1.00 each

Waste Oil  $1.25/Quart $5.00/Gallon

Antifreeze  $1.25/Quart $5.00 Gallon

Fluorescent Bulbs  $.00


Car/Pick-up without rim $5.00 each

Car/Pick-up with rim $7.00 each

Large truck without rim $15.00 each

Heavy Equipment without rim $25.00 each


Personal e-devices (PDA’s, MP3)  $5.00 each

Power Cords & Chargers  $5.00 each

Wireless Phones/Answering machines  $5.00 each

Digital Converter Boxes  $5.00 each

Microwaves  $10.00 each

Game Consoles  $10.00 each

Fax Machines  $10.00 each

Stereos, VCR, DVD $10.00 each

                                             Covered Entities**                        All Others
Large TV or CRT Device                            FREE                      $20.00 each
Regular TV or CRT Device                         FREE                      $10.00 each
Towers, Monitors, Printers                          FREE                      $10.00 each
Associated Computer Apparatus                FREE                       $5.00 Each

**Covered Entities are:  Vermont Households, Vermont Charities, and Vermont Business with 10 or less employees

The Bethel Royalton Solid Waste Board Meets every second Wednesday of the month at the Royalton Town Offices

The Regularly Scheduled March Meeting of the Solid Waste Board has been Cancelled

Solid Waste Board Meeting Minutes

1.8.2020 Solid Waste Meeting Minutes

Free Table attachment to 1.8.2020 Solid Waste Meeting Minutes

Free Table Costs attachment to 1.8.2020 Solid Waste Meeting Minutes

12.11.2019 Meeting Minutes

11.13.2019 Meeting Minutes

9.23.19 Special Meeting Minutes Solid Waste Board

9.11.19 Meeting Minutes




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