Updated 1/3/2017

water drop

Royalton Fire District #1
Water Department
55 North Street/ PO Box 204
(802) 763-8974


 January 3rd, 2017:  Due to a leak in the system water on Caron Circle, and a portion of South Windsor Street, was turned off in order to repair the system.
Please run your tap water for 10 minutes if you are experiencing discoloration.



To pay your bill online please click here.   VMDecheck


Office Hours:              Tuesday     &    Thursday    I

                                  8:30 AM – 2:30 PM            I



Automatic payments are available, to learn more please click here.
Please fill the form out entirely and mail it to the above Post Office box, or email to office@royaltonfiredistrict1.com.
Your receipt will be mailed to the address on your account.



Fall billing is almost upon us!  Please be sure we have your correct mailing address, as well as your account is paid in full.  Invoices will be sent out by the 15th of October.  Invoices are due within 30 days.  If your bill presents a hardship, please call us at your earliest convenience to avoid interest fees.  Payment plans are available.  You may also sign up for automatic payments via credit card or e-check.  Please fill out this form and return to our office as soon as possible: Automatic Payment Form

The Royalton Fire District office has upgraded to Charter Business Services.  Our new email address is listed above.  Please be sure to change your records.

The Royalton Fire District #1 was recently approved for a 100% grant to create a preliminary engineering report to repair Lake John! 

Within the next year the District hopes to obtain pre-bids for the necessary work.  A bond vote will need to be held within the next year or so as well.  We will do our best to keep the public in the loop!

Interested in our water conditions?  Please read our Consumer Confidence Report



*****To report a WATER EMERGENCY please email Wayne Manning, our Operator, at wmwaterrfd1@myfairpoint.net

All other requests and questions can be directed to Heidi Vogt, our Administrative Assistant, at waterrfd1@myfairpoint.net or 802-763-8974.



Thank you for visiting our site!   More information coming soon!!


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For Prudential Committee meeting information please visit Royalton Fire District #1.

To apply for a connection to our water system:  RFD Water Allocation Form

For a Sample of our Sprinkler Ordinance SAMPLE Sprinkler Ordinance / Application.  Please note: This is a work in progress and only a sample document.

For our Rules & Regulations:  Rules & Regulations 2015