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February 2nd 2021 the Royalton Planning Commission heard the proposals for the Safford Street underpass. After reviewing the proposals be sure to take the survey.

South Royalton Underpass Art Project. In 2020 members of the Royalton Planning Commission applied for an Animating Infrastructure Public Art Grant from the Vermont Arts Council. Of the many towns to apply, we were one of three to win this grant.The VT Arts Council loved our choice of sites- the infamous underpass in our village center— because it is in such dire need of renovation and because it is in such a well-traveled location. By incorporating public art into other improvements to the underpass such as walkability, lighting, and safety we have a great opportunity to recreate this eye-sore into a “place-maker” we can be proud of.We have been so lucky to have a number of very talented artists take interest in this project. Our two teams of finalists were chosen for their exceptional work and because we felt they could connect with our community. Now, these finalists have submitted design proposals, both of which would be amazing to see in real life. And they couldn’t be more different from the other which makes choosing a final design that much more difficult Both have their own special qualities and both would be an excellent addition to the landscape— or art-scape of South Royalton.Please look at Katie Runde’s work featuring historic images and a parade of life-size animals to line the underpass.And please look at the work of the Billings/Wasserman/Lovett Team who use the images of poetry-filled trees on a reflective surface to transform the now crumbling walls.We look forward to your input.

recorded video proposals from 2/2/2021

these are the video links on youtube for the two proposals, the above links are for a computer, if you are searching youtube on something like Roku you can search for Safford1 or Safford2

Please share your thoughts by taking our brief survey at

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