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RFD1 Prudential Committee Meeting September 9, 2020  7 pm 

Via Zoom

Present:  Theron Manning, Chair; Don Lovejoy, Clerk; and John Dettwiler and Judy Hayward, Committee Members

  1. Theron Manning called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm
  2. Theron would like to add  the David Sleeper Condo Project to the Agenda
  3. No one is present from the public.
  1. Minutes

The minutes of the August 26 meeting were reviewed.   Theron asked that 171 be added to the Chelsea Street property.  Motion to approve the minutes as amended made by  Don Lovejoy  with a second from John Dettwiler.  Motion carried unanimously. 

  • We passed over the Water Superintendent’s report.

Theron noted that water usage has increased.  Wayne recorded 2,208,699 gallons in August.  Judy has prepared a comparison report for FY 20 and 21.  This was previously sent to the committee. We averaged 71,248 gallons per day. Each unit maxes out at about 125,000 gallon per day and at that point the third filtration system becomes justified. There are currently two filtration units whereas one unit is able to keep up with daily demand with the second unit maintained as back up, so that we would continue to deliver water in case one filtration system fails.  Peak production occurred during the flushing of hydrants in August with 104,800 gallons.  The second highest day was August 23 with 91,510 gallons. 

Theron asked Judy to develop a daily flow report spreadsheet and chart in Excel. 

We are concerned that the billing in October will be less than half what it would normally be due to Pandemic closures of Vermont Law School and  area restaurants.  There may be an impact on the water rates.  

  • Administrative Assistant’s Report

Judy indicated that the FY 2019 Audit is now near completion.  She asked for permission to proceed with the FY 20 Audit.  The funds for it are approved already but she wanted to review the $5,400 estimate she had received with the committee.  She believes the price is quite competitive and that we should proceed with it.  It was the sense of the meeting to move forward.  Theron asked if we could get some insight from them on improved practices.  Judy said she would request a management letter and that she also wanted to see a financial supplement report by Department.  Currently, the departments of Water, Fire and Rescue are consolidated.  She believes a report by Department would help the committee and department heads. 

  •  Step 3 Application

We reviewed the Task List for the Step 3 Application for the Water Infrastructure Project ( see attached.)

Naomi Johnson and we have completed many of the tasks. Judy is working on the Bond Vote documentation and has one supplemental financial form to prepare. Paul Giuliani reviewed the engineering contract and has given us  a point-by-point review. We are awaiting comments from the State as well on that document. 

  • Work Orders

Judy reviewed the work orders for fire, water, and rescue

A Motion to pay the bills  was made by John Dettwiler and Don Lovejoy made a  second to the motion.   Motion carried unanimously. 

  1.  Agenda Addition:  David Sleeper Condominium Project

Theron noted that Mr. Sleeper had submitted additional documentation, but he still has not submitted drawings showing the mechanicals in the basement.  We will need to see the details of how lines come into the building.  Shut-off and backflow devices are needed and must be confirmed on the drawings so that we can insure protection of the water system.  David Sleeper requested an extension of more than one-year, but the sense of the meeting was that we are uncomfortable with that. 

Don Lovejoy made a motion; John Dettwiler made a second to the following motion  that includes specific conditions:

To extend the existing allocation of 1900 gal/day for 12 months beginning September 9, 2020 until September 9, 2021 as identified on drawing from Barrett Architecture floor plans A-2, A-3, A-4 dated 1/22/2019 and drawing from DeWolfe Engineering Associates site plan C1.02, C1.03, C2.01, C5.01 dated 3/29/2018.

This allocation is approved based on the following conditions:

  1. These floor plans specifically identify 9 units totaling 14 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and 9 kitchens.
  2. This allocation includes a new 4” service connection to the 12” water main as identified on Utility Plan C1.03 and Utility Profile C2.01 for UGU service for domestic water and to provide connection for a complete sprinkler system as required and approved by proper Authorities.
  3.  As we are unsure of plans for the basement mechanical area this allocation does not include any additional services other than for connections as shown on Architectural drawings above.
  4. Should this project include added services, such as additional bedrooms or laundry connections, etc., a new application to the Fire District for additional water allocation will be required.
  5. The owner is required to provide a set of full-size drawings for approval of this extension as well as a full set of stamped construction documents with all associated permits prior to construction.
  6. At the conclusion of this project the owner shall provide an as-built set of documents to verify details of Under Ground Services as they were installed. Any drawings and documents requested will become a permanent part of the file in the Water Department for this project. 

Don asked about a hydrant.  There is a hydrant near Brightwood and one on the corner of the park.  Paul Brock confirmed to Theron  that we can not require an additional hydrant. We encourage Mr.  Sleeper to investigate whether his insurance premiums would be more favorable for him if a hydrant were sited closer to his project. There would be some expense to increase the pipe and connection to six inches   in diameter.  It would be beneficial to the Town if a hydrant were sited near the project given the density of population for the project and in that neighborhood

The Motion carried unanimously. 

We went into executive session to discuss a personnel matter at 7:55 pm and returned to adjourn the meeting at 8:10 pm  

Respectfully submitted,

Judy L. Hayward, Administrative Assistant

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