Justices of the Peace: Terms Expire Feb 1, 2021
Peggy Ainsworth                   763-8017                         
John P. Dumville                   763-8567
Matthew Angell                                                               
Rebecca Foulk                        763-8426
William Ballou                      763-7106                          
Allison N. Fulcher                 763-8500
Charles H. Bascom              763- 7615                         
Bruce V. Post                           763-8466
Hoyt Bingham                       763-7842                        
 Joshua B. Powers                   763-8087

Complete Board of Civil Authority Members:

Chair: Joshua “Bushrod” Powers, Peg Ainsworth, Matt Angell, William Ballou, Jerry Barcelow, David Barker, Charlie Bascom, Karmen Bascom, Hoyt Bingham, John Dumville, Rebecca Foulk, Allison Fulcher, Tim Murphy, Chris Noble & Bruce V. Post 

Board of Civil Authority Warnings and Agendas


BCA Special Meeting_Agenda 12_22_2020

BCA Warning 8_10_2020

BCA Warning 7_7_2020

BCA Warning 7_7_2020

Board of Civil Authority Meeting Minutes

Board of Civil Authority Meeting Minutes

BCA Minutes Approved 6_4_2019

BCA Minutes Approved 2_12_2019

BCA Minutes Approved 1_3_18

BCA Minutes Approved 9_13_17

BCA Minutes Approved 8_7_17 

BCA Minutes Approved 1_17_17

BCA Minutes Approved 5_2_2016

BCA Minutes Approved 1_6_2016