November General Elections and Justice of the Peace Elections

Sample Ballot General and Justice of Peace

VT General Election Warning 11_3_20 

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Hello Royalton!

As promised, here is your next ballot update: October 2, 2020! 
First, absentee ballots have now been mailed out to all actively registered Vermont voters by the Secretary of State’s office. This mailing included everyone through September 3, 2020. If you registered to vote after September 3, you will get a ballot mailed from us at the town office. You do not need to request an absentee ballot to receive one. If you don’t receive a ballot by  October 8th, feel free to call us at 763-7207 or email

If you haven’t received your ballot, it may be your mailing or voter registration status needs updates. Please go to your voter page at to check your registration and voter status. Your voter status is also posted on our checklists located at the clerk office, post office and Royalton Academy building, along with the sample ballots and warnings.

We are asking you consider voting absentee. Everyone at our post office has been working hard with us to ensure timely delivery. We believe that if you fill out and mail your ballot as soon as possible, there won’t be an issue. However, all other options are still available: our 24/7 dropbox at the clerk office, voting early at the office 8am – 3pm Monday through Thursday or coming to the school gym polls at 223 South Windsor Street from 8am to 7pm on November 3, 2020. We will also have ballots available if you forget and for same day registrations.

Last, please read both sides of your ballot, your ballot instructions and sign your security envelope. The number one reason ballots don’t get counted is because the voter forgets to sign the envelope. This is easily avoided if you take the time to read the instructions carefully.

Thank you

August 24, 2020

Dear Royalton Voter,

For the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election, you will be receiving an absentee ballot. Please take a moment to go on-line and check to make sure your mailing address and other voter information is up to date at or contact our office at or call 763-7207. This ballot will also contain on the reverse the local Justice of the Peace ballot. Please review the ballot, make your choices and return it to the Clerk’s Office as soon as possible.

The ballot may be returned in person, by mail, by friend or family member or placed in our secure 24/7 drop box located at our office: 2460 Vermont Route 14. It is imperative that it be received by 7PM on November 3, 2020.

You may also come to the Clerk’s Office on Monday through Thursday between 8AM and 3PM to cast your vote in person. Information on Election Day polling from 8AM to 7PM will follow.

We are looking forward to a smooth and successful 2020 Election and with your help this can be achieved.

October/Early November Office Hours Updates, Special Events & Notices

10/1       Tabulator logic & accuracy test performed in office 9am

10/1       Statewide/Gen. Assembly candidates/PACs/Political parties-check                     campaign finance guidelines

10/2       Statewide active voter ballot mailing should be complete

10/4       General Election Warning & Checklists posted

10/12     Processing early absentee ballots 10am (if approx. 400 returned is reached) 10am

10/15    Statewide/Gen. Assembly candidates-check campaign finance guidelines

10/19    Processing early absentee ballots 10am (if approx. 400 returned is reached) 10am

10/26     Processing early absentee ballots 10am (if approx. 400 returned is reached) 10am

10/30     Statewide/Gen. Assembly candidates/PACs/Political Parties-check campaign finance guidelines

11/2       Processing early absentee ballots 10am (if approx. 400 returned is reached) 10am

11/3       Election Day-Polls open 8am-7pm @223 South Windsor Street/School Gym-Office Closed


August Primary 8/11/2020 Election Night Results: thank you everyone!


Republican Caucus Notice for 8/12/2020 

Democratic Caucus Notice for 8/13/2020

You may register to vote, update your status and request absentee ballots online at The Secretary of State, Elections Division website:

You may print off an absentee ballot request on the Royalton Clerk Elections website:
You may e-mail or call 763-7207 with questions.

Ballots may be returned by USPS mail or placed in our 24/7 Secure Dropbox located at 2460 VT RT 14, South Royalton, VT

Ballots must be delivered to the school on election day because the office is closed. If they are placed in the office drop box they will not be counted.


VT Absentee Ballot Request

Please email to or

USPS: Royalton Town Clerk, PO Box 680, S. Royalton, VT 05068 or

24/7 Secure Drop Box located at 2460 Vermont Route 14.

August Office Hours Updates, Special Events & Notices

Open to the Public Monday – Thursday 8AM – 3PM

8/12 Republican Caucus–detail see above link

8/13 Democratic Caucus–detail see above link

8/13       Official Return of Votes filed

8/14       Windsor-Orange 1 Canvas 10 am/5 pm  Last day for Independent Justice of the Peace Candidates to file forms/5 pm Last day for Town Party Chairs to file JP’s nominated by party caucus or committee

8/18       Deadline for candidate to file petition for recount

8/21       Last day for validly nominated candidates to withdraw from ballot/ Last day for political parties to nominate candidate in case of tie

8/26       Last day voters may contest Primary results


March 3rd, 2020 Town Meeting Day & Pres. Prim. Vote Totals

ART II Town Plan Cert Vote 3_3 2020

Town Meeting 3_3_2020c Election Results

WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508

PRES PRIM ORV 3_3_2020


White River Valley Unified School district Warning of Annual Meeting March 2, 2020

WRVUSD Warning 3_2_2020

Royalton Town Meeting Warning March 3, 2020

Royalton T M Warning 3_3_2020

Warning-Vermont Presidential Primary- March 3, 2020

Warning Presidential Primary 3_3_2020

Democratic & Republican Sample Ballots – March 3, 2020

Dem_Rep_Sample Ballots 3_3_2020

Town Meeting Sample Australian Ballot- March 3, 2020

Town Meeting Sample Ballot 3_3_2020

Town Meeting Article II Sample Ballot-March 3, 2020

Town Plan Article II Ballot

School Director Ballot 3_3_2020

WRVUSD School Director Ballot 2020

Statewide and Federal results are available at the Secretary of State’s office.
until Town Meeting Day on March 3, 2020.
WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508ART II Town Plan Cert VoteART II Town Plan Cert Votevtabsenteerequestgeneric2020 Aug Active Voter Postcard Top Half.finalCaucus NoticeRoyaltonVT8_11_2020ElectionNightUnofficialResultsReport_Local (1)8_11_2020 OFFICIAL RETURN OF VOTESVoter letter_8172020