Would you like to run for public office? Interested in assisting with Town Meeting elections? Want to know when your Town Report will arrive? Start dates and deadlines below.

Absentee Ballot Request Candidate Consent Form

1/1/21                  Last day to warn the first public hearing if charter adoption, amendment or repeal is to be voted at town meeting (60 days before town meeting). 17 V.S.A.  2641(a), 2645(a)(3) and (6)

1/14/21                Clerks and Voters- Last day for voters to file a petition with the town clerk to have an article appear on the ballot.  17 V.S.A. 2642(a)(3)(A) (47 days prior to town meeting).  Petition must contain signatures from at least 5% of registered voters in the municipality. 

1/21/21            BCA- Last day to designate polling places for town meeting day (40 days prior to the warning).  17 VSA 2501(a)

1/25/21                Candidates- In Australian ballot towns, consent of candidate forms for town offices must be filed with the municipal clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. (sixth Monday before the election).  NOTE: Per Act 162 (https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/Docs/ACTS/ACT162/ACT162%20As%20Enacted.pdf), candidates are not required to file petition signatures for 2021.  The consent of candidate may contain any nickname a candidate wishes to appear on the ballot. 17 V.S.A.  2681(a)(3)

2/10/21                Clerks- In Australian ballot towns, ballots for local officers and local public questions shall be prepared by the town clerk and available not later than 20 days before the election.  17 V.S.A.  2681a(a)

2/10/21               First day to post a warning at least 10 days prior to a public informational hearing on any issues voted by Australian ballot (hearing must take place at least 10 days prior to the election).  The legislative body is responsible for the administration of the informational hearing and the preparation of minutes.  17 V.S.A.  2680(g)

2/19/21             In Australian ballot towns, last day (10 days prior to the day preceding the election) to post warning for public informational hearing on public question to be voted by Australian ballot at a town meeting. The warning must be posted in at least two public places within the municipality and in the town clerk’s office. The legislative body is responsible for the administration of the informational hearing and the preparation of minutes.  17 V.S.A. 2680(g)

2/20/21 SAT       Must distribute town meeting warning in annual town report (at least 10 days prior to town meeting) or other written form by this date to all postal patrons in the municipality to avoid publishing warning in newspaper (if publishing in the newspaper that must happen at least 5 days before town meeting).  24 V.S.A. 1682, 17 V.S.A. 2641(b)

Windsor-Orange 1 Official Report of Canvassing Committee & Certificate of Election: State Rep, November 2020

canvass nov 2020

Royalton Official Return of Votes for November 2020

General Elections and Justice of the Peace Elections

NOV ORV 2020 General Election Results

NOV ORV 2020 Justice of Peace Results

Sample Ballot General and Justice of Peace

VT General Election Warning 11_3_20 

Voter letter_8172020

11/10 10AM Canvass for Windsor-Orange District 1 via Zoom

#786 359 8753 code 815923

August Primary 8/11/2020 Election Night Results: thank you everyone!


Republican Caucus Notice for 8/12/2020 

Democratic Caucus Notice for 8/13/2020

You may register to vote, update your status and request absentee ballots online at The Secretary of State, Elections Division website: https://sos.vermont.gov/elections.

You may print off an absentee ballot request on the Royalton Clerk Elections website: http://royaltonvt.com/government/town-clerks-office/elections-information/
You may e-mail royalclerk@bluemoo.net or call 763-7207 with questions.

Ballots may be returned by USPS mail or placed in our 24/7 Secure Dropbox located at 2460 VT RT 14, South Royalton, VT

Ballots must be delivered to the school on election day because the office is closed. If they are placed in the office drop box they will not be counted.

VT Absentee Ballot Request

March 3rd, 2020 Town Meeting Day & Pres. Prim. Vote Totals

ART II Town Plan Cert Vote 3_3 2020

Town Meeting 3_3_2020c Election Results

WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508

PRES PRIM ORV 3_3_2020

White River Valley Unified School district Warning of Annual Meeting March 2, 2020local-candidate-petition

WRVUSD Warning 3_2_2020

Royalton Town Meeting Warning March 3, 2020

Royalton T M Warning 3_3_2020

Warning-Vermont Presidential Primary- March 3, 2020

Warning Presidential Primary 3_3_2020

Democratic & Republican Sample Ballots – March 3, 2020

Dem_Rep_Sample Ballots 3_3_2020

Town Meeting Sample Australian Ballot- March 3, 2020

Town Meeting Sample Ballot 3_3_2020

Town Meeting Article II Sample Ballot-March 3, 2020

Town Plan Article II Ballot

School Director Ballot 3_3_2020

WRVUSD School Director Ballot 2020

Statewide and Federal results are available at the Secretary of State’s office.
until Town Meeting Day on March 3, 2020.
WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508ART II Town Plan Cert VoteART II Town Plan Cert Votevtabsenteerequestgeneric2020 Aug Active Voter Postcard Top Half.finalCaucus NoticeRoyaltonVT8_11_2020ElectionNightUnofficialResultsReport_Local (1)8_11_2020 OFFICIAL RETURN OF VOTESVoter letter_8172020