August Primary Information: 
Notice to all Royalton Residents:
Republican Caucus Notice

8/10/2020 8:00 AM early voter absentee ballots will be processed
For those wishing to vote in the August 11th Primary Election, the Royalton Clerk Office is suggesting you make sure you are registered to vote, that your information is up to date and that you consider requesting an absentee ballot as early as possible to reduce possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus.
Our polling place on August 11th will be the White River Union School, Royalton Campus at 223 South Windsor Street.
Royalton Primary Election Day Information 8/11 

1. Entry to and Exit from polls will be located at small gym entrance facing 223 South Windsor Street. 

2. A PPE station (masks, towels, gloves, sanitizer, etc.) and BCA/LEO staff member will be available to assist & answer general election and/or offer guidance regarding COVID-19 guidelines. 

3. A non-masked viewing arena will be available for all to observe the process, hand in absentee ballots or request same day ballots. 

4. Non-masked voters or anyone not wanting to enter the polling area for voting purposes will be allowed to vote outside or in the comfort of their vehicle (drive –through style using the bus parking entrance/exit on 223 South Windsor Street. 

Many thanks for your cooperation as we work to ensure everyone’s voting rights and safety during this pandemic.

 We are now open to the public for early voting: limited space, please be patient

You may register to vote, update your status and request absentee ballots online at The Secretary of State, Elections Division website:

You may print off an absentee ballot request on the Royalton Clerk Elections website:
You may e-mail or call 763-7207 with questions.

Ballots may be returned by USPS mail or placed in our 24/7 Secure Dropbox located at 2460 VT RT 14, South Royalton, VT

Ballots must be delivered to the school on election day because the office is closed. If they are placed in the office drop box they will not be counted.


2020 Aug Active Voter Postcard Top


2020 Aug Active Voter Postcard Tear Off Request.Final


VT Absentee Ballot Request

Please email to or

USPS: Royalton Town Clerk, PO Box 680, S. Royalton, VT 05068 or

24/7 Secure Drop Box located at 2460 Vermont Route 14, S. Royalton

Warning VT Primary Election Aug 11 2020

Primary Ballot Samples Aug 2020

August Office Hours Updates, Special Events & Notices

Open to the Public Monday – Thursday 8AM – 3PM

8/10      Last day to request absentee or early ballots for August Primary. 8AM early ballot tabulation, clerk office

8/11       Office Closed: Statewide Primary Day/ Polls open 8 am – 7 pm White River Union School, Royalton Campus, 223 South Windsor ST. Unofficial Statewide Primary Results will be posted

8/13       Official Return of Votes filed

8/14       Windsor-Orange 1 Canvas 10 am/5 pm  Last day for Independent Justice of the Peace Candidates to file forms/5 pm Last day for Town Party Chairs to file JP’s nominated by party caucus or committee

8/18       Deadline for candidate to file petition for recount

8/21       Last day for validly nominated candidates to withdraw from ballot/ Last day for political parties to nominate candidate in case of tie

8/26       Last day voters may contest Primary results


March 3rd, 2020 Town Meeting Day & Pres. Prim. Vote Totals

ART II Town Plan Cert Vote 3_3 2020

Town Meeting 3_3_2020c Election Results

WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508

PRES PRIM ORV 3_3_2020


White River Valley Unified School district Warning of Annual Meeting March 2, 2020

WRVUSD Warning 3_2_2020

Royalton Town Meeting Warning March 3, 2020

Royalton T M Warning 3_3_2020

Warning-Vermont Presidential Primary- March 3, 2020

Warning Presidential Primary 3_3_2020

Democratic & Republican Sample Ballots – March 3, 2020

Dem_Rep_Sample Ballots 3_3_2020

Town Meeting Sample Australian Ballot- March 3, 2020

Town Meeting Sample Ballot 3_3_2020

Town Meeting Article II Sample Ballot-March 3, 2020

Town Plan Article II Ballot

School Director Ballot 3_3_2020

WRVUSD School Director Ballot 2020

Statewide and Federal results are available at the Secretary of State’s office.

Running For Local Office?





Special Town Meeting Results for Article I: Commencing at the March 3, 2020 annual town meeting of
The Town of Royalton, shall the Town vote on all public questions by Australian ballot?
The vote was called, conducted and carried to postpone the public question
until Town Meeting Day on March 3, 2020.
WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508WRUD School Results Ballot 3_3_2020MX-3050N_20200304_141508ART II Town Plan Cert VoteART II Town Plan Cert Votevtabsenteerequestgeneric2020 Aug Active Voter Postcard Top Half.finalCaucus Notice