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Current Day Logs & Combined Indexes for Land Records, PTTRs, Liens & Attachments, Highways, Cemetery, Town Records & Maps.

Combined Index is fully scanned from July 4, 2019 to current Day Log notation. Land recording books & PTTR books are fully scanned from August 17, 2017 to current Day Log notation.

Day Log Jan 2019 thru Oct 13 2020

Land Records Combo Index Thru 10_05_2020

Completed Land Record and PTTR Indexes

Land Rec Index Books 116-122

PTTR Index Books 116-122

Vermont Recording Fees Per H.526 (approved by VT Legislature 2019 session) 32 V.S.A. §1671      Effective: July 1, 2019

Document recording fees$10/page$15/page
PTTR (Property transfer tax return)$10/document$15/document
Survey plat recording fees$15/sheet$25/sheet
Certified copy of records (no change)$10/page$10/page
Examination of records (vault time)$2/hour$4/hour

* Documents include all items recorded in the land records (deeds, mortgages, assignments, liens, releases, permits)* Multiple assignments or releases included on one document are charged $15/assignment or release.