Town Ordinances

Synopsis of rules and regulations serving the Town of Royalton. Copies of documents are available at the Town Offices.

Royalton Town Plan (approved March 2020)

The Town Plan must be revised every five years.  The Town of Royalton approved the current plan at the March 2020 annual Town Meeting.

Maps for Royalton Town Plan

Town of Royalton Traffic Ordinance

The amended ordinance adopted on June 6, 2020 includes parking regulations, stop and yield intersections and all local highway speed regulations for the Town of Royalton.  Below is a link to the full text of the ordinance.

Traffic Ordinace 6-9-2020

Ordinance Regulating Access to and Use of Public Rights of Way

Please contact the Selectboard’s office for Permit applications.

Amended ordinance adopted in June of 2004 outlining Required Permits for use of or access to Rights of Way of Town Highways. It is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to develop, construct, regrade or resurface any driveway, entrance, or approach, or build a fence or building, or deposit material of any kind within, or in any way affect the grade of a Town or State highway right of way, or obstruct a ditch, culvert or drainage course that drains a highway, or fill or grade the land adjacent to a highway so as to direct the flow of water onto the highway right of way without first obtaining a written permit from the Selectboard. Before a change in the use of a lot served by an existing driveway occurs, a new permit shall be required.  Below is a link to the full text of the ordinance.  To obtain a permit application please contact the Royalton Selectboard office at 802-763-7967

Access Ordinance & Application

Dog Ordinance:

Adopted in April of 1995 the ordinance outlines regulations required of dog owners within the town. The ordinance calls for all dogs being kept in the town to be licensed with the Town Clerk. It also prohibits dogs from habitually barking or howling; from running at large on public property including roadways and the schoolyard; and from trespassing on private property causing damage or disturbance. The ordinance also prohibits dogs from being on the South Royalton Village Green and the Carpenter Recreation Park.

Dog Ordinance

On-Site Sewer Ordinance, relating to Individual Sewage Disposal Systems:

This ordinance requires all new homes and public buildings to have approved on-site sewage disposal system construction permits prior to building construction. All sewage related items require a state permit. Please contact Terry Shearer at the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, Wastewater division at (802) 885 – 8855

Regulating consumption of alcoholic beverages:

In accordance with this town ordinance passed in July of 1995 it is illegal for any person to consume or have in their possession any open container of any alcoholic beverage in any public place with in the town.

Alcohol Ordinance

Flood Hazard Area Zoning Bylaw:

In this document zoning/building regulations are outlined for areas of town deemed to be flood hazardous zones in accordance with the Flood Insurance Study prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Below is a link to the full text of the ordinance.

Flood Plain Regulations

Regulations for Collection and Recycling of Solid Waste:

This ordinance mandates recycling and outlines collection methods for certain materials including glass, newspaper, various other paper products, cardboard (corrugated and boxboard), leaves and grass. Additionally, several grades of plastic are being accepted at the recycling facility located on Waterman Road.

Town of Royalton Civil Ordinance “Variable Rate Pricing by Volume or Weight for Municipal Solid Waste Collection” Please review this ordinance that was adopted by the Royalton Selectboard on 03/24/15

Solid Waste Ordinance 2015 PDF

Regulating Telecommunications Facilities:

This ordinance grants the Selectboard authority to regulate the construction, alteration, development and decommissioning of wireless telecommunications facilities within the town.

Regulating the use of Non-Motorized Vehicles

On designated public highways, sidewalks and other public areas; providing definitions; parent/guardian responsibilities; and providing for enforcement and penalties.

Sewer Allocation and Sewer Use Ordinances

Pertaining to the public sewage disposal plant regulate the use, connection and discharge of wastes into the public sewer system, as well as allocation of available capacity. State permits also apply to connecting to the public sewer system. Please contact Terry Shearer at the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, Wastewater division at (802) 885-8855.

Permits for driveways

To be built accessing town roads, are required. Requests are reviewed for safety and drainage

Permits for changes in municipal water consumption

Are required. Applications are available at the Royalton Fire District #1 office by calling (802) 763-8974.

Rules and Regulations for Cemeteries owned by the Town of Royalton

10′ x 10′ lot (2 graves): $250.00
5′ x 10′ lot (1 grave): $125.00
Recording fee for each deed: $7.00 (subject to change by Town Clerk)

At the time of the sale of a lot, the purchaser shall list who has burial rights to the lot. Over time families may not recall the original intent of the person who purchased the lot and this will save much confusion in the future. The Cemetery Commissioners need to keep up-to-date records for future generations.

Four stone or cement corner markers are required in each lot and are to be placed at ground level prior to the recording of any deed.

No fencing or above ground curbs shall be installed.

An outer burial container strong enough to support the heft of the earth is required for each burial.

Planting of trees and shrubs is prohibited. Present trees and shrubs will be trimmed to the height of the surrounding stones or removed if they become a nuisance.

Keep in mind the appearance of the cemetery and your neighbor when choosing a memorial. Locate the memorial on you lot so not to interfere with other stones and the mowing of the grass. Memorial headstones shall be erected on a permanent cement foundation. A Cemetery Commissioner shall be consulted prior to the placement of a memorial.

When placing flowers and ornaments on you lot, please keep in mind that the grass must be mowed and trimmed. When flowers and ornaments have served their purpose, please dispose of them by removing them from the Cemetery. Artificial flowers and ornaments from the previos season shall be removed by a family member prior to May 1 or will be removed by the grounds keepers during spring cleanup.

Cemetery Commissioners shall be notified of any change a family plans for the replacement or removal of a memorial. The Commissioners need to keep up-to-date records for future generations.

The Town of Royalton has charge of the following cemeteries and burial lots:
The Freeman Lot, Howard Cemetery, Howe-Hickey Cemetery, Lindley Lot, Metcalf Cemetery, Old and New North Royalton Cemeteries, Perrin Lot Number 1, Perrin Lot Number 2, Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Riverview Cemetery, Royalton Broad Brook Cemetery, and South Royalton Village Cemetery.

Public Health & Nuisance Ordinance


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