Do you need a Permit?

The Town of Royalton currently has no zoning regulations if you are building outside of a flood plain.  If you are building within the flood plain, or unaware of the location of the flood plain please contact the Selectboard office at 763-7967 for Flood Plain zoning regulations. However it is important to note that State Construction permits are required for non-residential homes. (Commercial properties, rental properties, and subdivisions require state permits, ie; ACT 250, and construction permits).

The Agency of Natural Resources has developed a tool to help you determine what permitting you may need. Visit Permit Navigator (

In addition to any state permits, don’t forget that if you are on the municipal water or sewer system, you need to apply for an allocation if you are changing water consumption at the property.

Driveway Access Permit

Access Ordinance & Application

stdb71a ( – VTrans Driveway Specifications

Flood Hazard Area Regulations

Flood Hazard Area Development Application

Floodplain Regulations

 Uniform Excess Weight Permit



Utility Permit Application


Burn Permits

You must contact Donald Lovejoy, the town’s Fire Warden prior to any burns.

Home number:   802-763-7269

Cell number:      802-299-6708

State of Vermont Burn Permit Regulations: State Burn Permit Information

State of Vermont Permit Assistance

Permit Handbook

Environmental Assistance Division – (800) 974 – 9559

Permit Information Summary Page

Department of Environmental Conservation (District 3) Contact Information

(802 ) 885-8850

100 Mineral St, Ste #303

Springfield, VT 05156


The following is a partial listing of projects which may require permits from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Royalton is located in District 3.

Subdivision of land

Buildings and structures other than one single family residence on its own lot may require Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply permits for uses such as:

Apartments (1 or more)

Second dwelling on a lot

Churches, schools

Stores, offices

Food service

Municipal buildings

Mobile home parks


Repair shops

Day cares


Beauty parlors

Health care


ACT 250

Act 250, Vermont’s development and control law, is administered by nine District Environmental Commissions, comprised of citizens appointed by the Governor, and supported by staff. Royalton is within the District 3 office.

Act 250 contact information:

District Environmental Commissions

(802 ) 885 – 8855

100 Mineral St, Ste #303

Springfield, VT 05452

An Act 250 permit may also be required for projects such as the following:

Construction for commercial purposes

Construction of 10 or more housing units, including mobile-home parks, within 5 years

The subdivision of land into six or more lots within 5 years, in a town which does not have both permantent zoning and subdivision regulations (Royalton is such a town)

The subdivision of land into 10 or more lots of any size within 5 years

Construction that would substantially change or expand a pre-1970 “grandfathered” development that would require a permit if built today

Construction for a governmental purpose which distrurbs more than 10 acres, or is part of a larger project that will involve mote than 10 acres of land

Construction of a support structure, 20 feet tall or higher, primarily for communication or broadcast purposes.

Construction, including forestry or farming, above 2,500 feet in elevation.

The sale, by public auction, of any interest in a tract of land (or tracts) which has been partitioned or divided for purpose of resale into five or more lots within a radius of five miles and within any period of ten years

Additional State Permit Contacts

Department of Labor and Industry

Construction permit for fire prevention, electrical wiring, plumbing, and ADA access. Operating permit for boilers and pressure vessels (i.e. LP gas storage).

Springfield: (802) 885-8883.

Department of Health

Food, lodging, bakeries, childrens’ camps, asbestos and lead control programs.

(800) 439 – 8550 or (802) 863 – 7220

Department of Agriculture

Greenhouses, Golf courses, milk processing, poultry processing, retail sales/milk/meat/poultry/pesticides, gas pumps, scales, slaughterhouses, animal shlters/kennels

(802)  828 – 2500

Agency of Transportation

Construction within a state highway right-of-way

(802) 828-2653

Off premise signs: (802) 828-2651

Junkyards: (802) 828 – 2053

Agency of Human Services

Childcare facilities: (800) 649 – 2642

Nursing and other care homes: (802) 241 – 2345

Secretary of State

Business registration: (802) 828 – 2386