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The first phase of Royalton’s forest management plan for the Crawford Town Forest (located behind the Town Offices) is scheduled to begin in July 2021. This phase will entail a timber harvest on ~30 acres of mostly low-grade white pine. Although this area of the forest will be dramatically altered and might appear messy or damaged after the logging operation, the trees that are cut have been consciously selected and marked by the Windsor County forester, AJ Follensbee, with the long-term goal of improving overall forest health.

The timber harvest is predicted to take 3-4 weeks once it gets under way. During this time we expect increased truck and logging traffic to and from the landing site on Mill Rd. The existing hiking trail that is accessible from the Town Office side of the property will be largely unaffected by this project, but we urge anyone walking in the town forest in the next month to be aware of the potential risks associated with heavy equipment and falling trees, and to avoid areas that are actively being logged.

This coming fall we will plan a public walk through the Crawford Town Forest for all who are interested.

Royalton Conservation Commission

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