Justices of the Peace: Terms Expire Feb 1, 2023
Peggy Ainsworth                  763-8017     Matthew Angell                 342-7471                                          
William Ballou                     763-7106      Hoyt Bingham                     763-7842
Kate Caldwell                       356-9388     Allison N. Fulcher               763-8500

 Kathy Hassey                       522-4037    Geo Honigford                  359-3027
Bruce V. Post                         763-8466    Joshua B. Powers              763-8087

Complete Board of Civil Authority Members:

Chair: Allison N. Fulcher, Vice-Chair: David Barker, Clerk: Karmen Bascom, Joshua “Bushrod” Powers, Peg Ainsworth, Matt Angell, William Ballou, Jerry Barcelow, Karmen Bascom, Hoyt Bingham, Kate Caldwell, John Dumville, Kathy Hassey, Geo Honigford, Tim Murphy, Chris Noble & Bruce V. Post 

Board of Civil Authority Warnings and Agendas

BCA Warning and Agenda 6_7_21

Warning and Agenda 3_29_2021

Board of Civil Authority Meeting Minutes

Board of Civil Authority Meeting Minutes