Abatement Warnings & Agendas

Vermonters, are you struggling with your mortgage?

BOA Warning and Agenda 8_24_2021

BOA Warning and Agenda 3_29_2021

BOA Warning and Agenda 3_11_21

BOA Warning and Agenda 1_11_21

For those interested in tax abatement, please read ABOUT-ABATEMENT-2014

Helpful Links: Mortgage assistance:    https://www.vhfa.org/map/

Opportunities Credit Union mortgage assistance here

 Rules of Procedure 2021  

Please send the completed Abatement Hearing Request Form to the clerk. Providing documents which are specific to your situation are highly encouraged. Examples: HI 144 and HS 122 state forms, along with signed IRS 1040 forms and yearly budgets.

Feel free to contact any of our Board of Abatement members with questions: Chair: Allison N. Fulcher. Vice-Chair: David Barker. Clerk: Karmen M. Bascom. Members: Peggy Ainsworth, Matthew Angell, William Ballou, Jeffrey Barcelow, Jerry Barcelow,  Hoyt Bingham, Samantha Bruce, Kate Caldwell, John P. Dumville, Kathy Hassey, Walter Hastings, Geo Honigford, Rita Hull, Timothy Murphy, Christopher “Chris” Noble, Bruce V. Post and Joshua “Bushrod” Powers.
Board of Abatement Meeting Minutes